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Question: How should I apply the product?
Answer: Application tip: This industrial solvent based paint will dry quickly during application when applied by brush/roller. To avoid brush marks, apply with a “hot dog” style roller suitable for solvent based paints.
Question: What's the coverage on a gallon of stove paint?
Answer: A gallon will cover approximately 100 sq. ft.
A 12 oz aerosol can will cover 10-12 sq. ft.
A quart can will cover 24-30 sq. ft.
Question: Can your paint be used outdoors?
Answer: Yes, for exterior applications, apply Thurmalox 245 Primer and 290 Topcoat.
Question: Will there be any odor from the paint?
Answer: After the paint has cured for 24 hours, if needed, we suggest properly venting your room for the first time you bring your stove up to temperature.